VNGS’s Traffic Management Policy

VNGS reserves the right to manage any and all traffic that crosses the VNGS network.  Traffic management enables VNGS to maximise the customer experience for all customers across this service offering.


As part of this Traffic Management Policy, VNGS may apply lower priority settings, restrict to a smaller allocation of network bandwidth use (or other asset) or otherwise change the performance of one traffic type in comparison to another.


This will largely only affect Peer to Peer (P2P) users.  VNGS fully supports P2P users across its network, however during time of congestion, we believe that by applying Traffic Management, other users of more time critical services – such as voice – will be provided with a better quality services.  Non P2P also makes up the vast bulk of all traffic on the VNGS network.


If you are a P2P user – we apologise if this impacts on your service – and would suggest that if possible you use off peak periods (10pm – 6am) when there is more capacity available and congestion is less likely.

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