Toll Free

The WXC Toll Free service allows you to add an 0800 or 0508 number to your account, with calls to the toll free number calling at your home.  The service will not charge the person making the call, with the calls showing on your WXC account.

Toll Free numbers are very easy to set up, with no set up or disconnection fees, and no contract terms.  There is a simple $7.50 minimum charge per month for the service, plus the calls that are made.

Call Costs

The cost of each call depends on where the person is calling from and what service you are pointing the Toll Free number to:

0800 is pointed to:

Landline Mobile

Calling from:

Landline 10 cents per min 40 cents per min
Mobile 40 cents per min 70 cents per min

Important Information

  • Rates charged are relevant to the type of phone number that the call originates from and terminates to. 
  • Please note that additional charges apply when calling from a pay-phone
  • WXC offers you the ability to transfer your existing Toll Free Number from your current line rental provider.  A one off fee to transfer your number of $11.50 per number applies
  • WXC can block cell phone calls to the Toll Free Number if you wish – and we do not charge a fee for this
  • No hardware or additional devices are required. The Toll Free Number service only requires a termination phone number – landline or mobile – as specified by you
  • All prices quoted include GST