Coded Access

Coded Access puts you in complete control of when to use the WXC network for your outbound international or national calls.

Once you have a WXC account, you can prefix a particular code to each call, and this will reroute via the WXC network.  This is ideal if you want to pick and choose when to access the WXC rate plan.  This might be because WXC has a particular rate that is ideal for you - such as a specific international destination that you call.

Per Minute Calling Rate Plan

Anytime - day or night!
Only $0.10 per minute to 10 Awesome Destinations! (see full rate sheet here)
$0.35 per minute Home to Mobile regardless of network

Important Information

  • Calls are rated in one minute intervals
  • Calls to mobiles outside of NZ will be billed at that country's per minute rate, except USA & Canada
  • All calls disconnect after 3 hours, to resume your call simply dial again
  • All prices quoted include GST

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