Toll Bypass

Toll Bypass

Toll Bypass is an easy way to access the WXC network for National and International calling if you want to retain your existing landline provider and you don't want to change your existing services with them.


If you want to keep your existing landline provider and want all of your National, Mobile and International phone calls to go via the WXC network automatically to take advantage of our great rates then this can be easily arranged.  No codes are required and all the changes are made in the background - you don't have to do a thing.

Coded Access

If you want to keep your existing landline service provider and only want to make calls via the WXC network at certain times to take advantage of a particular rate then we can provide you with a code to do so.  Simply enter the code before you dial the number your are after and the call will be routed via WXC.  You can do this as little or often as you like, to any destination.