VFX Advanced Features

The VFX Advanced Feature set allows you to take your phone line to the next level.  The features are design to work with your VFX or Fusion service and are in addition to the Standard Feature set. 

There is a monthly charge of $6 per VFX line that you apply Advanced Features to, and a one off set up charge of $20. Click here for a printable version of our Advanced Feature User Guide.

Remote Office

Enables users to access and use their VFX profile and services from any device, on-net, or off-net (for example, home office or mobile phone)

Alternate Numbers

Allows a user to have up to ten alternate phone numbers in addition to the user’s main phone number. The user can assign one of four distinctive ring patterns for each alternate number and in addition, each distinctive ring pattern has a distinctive call waiting tone.

Note: A monthly charge of $5.75 is applicable for each alternative number per month.

Simultaneous Ring

Enables a user to have multiple destinations ring simultaneously when any calls are received on their phone number. The first destination to be answered is connected

Call Forwarding Selective

Enables a user to define criteria that causes certain incoming calls to be redirected to user-specified destinations

Selective Call Rejection

Enables a user to define criteria that causes certain incoming calls to be rejected and provided a treatment. All other calls terminate as usual

Diversion Inhibitor

Prevents calls, redirected by a user, to be redirected again by the called party. This service is especially useful to help prevent calls from being answered by another user’s voice mail when using Simultaneous Ringing or Sequential Ringing

Priority Alert/Ringing

Enables a user to define criteria to have certain incoming calls trigger distinctive alerting.


  • All Prices include GST
  • These Advanced Features are added to an existing VFX or Fusion service, and can not be operated independently.

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