Fax to Email

Still need a fax service at home?  How about having your faxes turn up in your designated email account. WXC’s Fax to Email service will allow you to receive your faxes to any nominated email address.

Once you have a VFX service you can add a virtual fax service. This provides a new number which captures inbound faxes and saves them to your voicemail service.  With Fax to Email, WXC will give you a dedicated number to receive Faxes. Fax messages are then stored and copies can be forwarded to a traditional fax machine or an email address.

With a virtual fax number you can manage your faxes online.  Once you receive a fax you can forward to any fax machine, or have the image send to an email address.  The service is always online - it is never engaged.  You can add a Toll Free service for even more flexibility.

Fax to Email is easy to set up - no hardware requirements or set up fee.

The service is ideal for people on the go and want a Fax service that follows them - or for sensitive correspondence that you want to keep confidential.

ONLY $5.75 per month

No contract and set up is FREE! 

With the WXC Fax to Email service you get:

  • A dedicated number to receive faxes
  • Relevant details (eg: date/time the message was received etc) are supplied with the message; Fax messages sent by email are converted to an image format and attached to the email
  • Your fax number will not need to change even if you move
  • No per-fax charge, just a flat monthly fee
  • Fax documents to your computer, just like using a scanner.

Important Information

  • You can also use your existing fax number by transferring this to WXC for a one off fee of $10
  • Fax to Email can be added to an existing VFX or Fusion service
  • If you are wishing to use this as a standalone option then an additional monthly fee of $11.50 will apply.
  • All prices quoted include GST

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