WXC has a wide range of high quality telephone products and features that are cost-effective and easy to use.  Whether you make a few calls at Christmas, or are on the phone all the time, there is a WXC service for you.

Toll Bypass

Toll Bypass is an easy way to access the WXC network for National and International calling if you want to retain your existing landline provider and you don't want to change your existing services with them.  Once you have a WXC account you can use either an access code each time you make a call, or have your calls automatically routed to use the WXC lower calling rates.  There is no special hardware or set up, you use your existing telephone the way you always have, and it comes with a range of per minute and capped calling options.

Toll Free

Toll free numbers allow people to call your home free of charge - and you pick up the cost of the call.  This is ideal for extended families or parents who want their kids to always be able to phone home.  You may also want to use this for a home business.  There are a wide range of 0800 numbers to choose from and costs and set up are minimal.

Hosted Voice

Our next generation IP Voice line can be used as either a secondary line, or run across a naked broadband connection.  The calling costs are extremely low and each line comes with a wide range of free features.  The service can also be picked up and travel with you - it can be used anywhere around the world where there is a broadband connection.

Voice Options

If you make a lot of calls and want cost certainty, or you want a special type of service or feature, check out what other add-on services are available from WXC.

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