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Directory Listings 

If you would like to have your VFX or DVX number listed in your regional directory and online service with Yellow (White Pages), please use the above link.  Or you might like one of our award winning Customer Care team to walk you through your needs just call on 0800 123 456 and we will take care of everything.

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Check the line speed of your connection to WXC.

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Pay by Direct Debit and save an additional 2% on the current balance owing invoice or pay by Credit Card online.

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  ADSL Settings

  FTTH Settings

  • Login: yourusername@adsl.xnet.co.nz
  • PPP Setting: PPP over ATM (RFC2364) VCMUX encapsulation
  • VPI Setting: 0
  • VCI Setting: 100
  • Authentication: PAP

  VDSL Settings

  DNS Settings

  • Login: yourusername@adsl.xnet.co.nz
  • PPPoE Connection
  • WAN VLAN ID: 10
  • PAP authentication
  • MTU: 1492
  • Primary DNS: (ns1.xnet.co.nz)
  • Secondary DNS: (ns2.xnet.co.nz)

  Email Settings

 Voice Settings

  • Incoming Mail Server: pop3.xnet.co.nz
  • Incoming Mail Server: imap.xnet.co.nz
  • Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.xnet.co.nz
  • Webmail URL: webmail.xnet.co.nz
  • https://prov.xport.co.nz/configs/default/default$MA.cfg
  • http://prov.xport.co.nz/configs/default/default$MA.cfg
    (for use with the PAP2T)



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MP264 Wireless Setup

MP264 ADSL Setup

MP264 VDSL Setup