Residential Gateways

WXC's residential gateways provide an all in one box providing a complete solution for your home.  The gateway devices include:

  • Modem/ router to connect your home to the WXC and the Internet beyond
  • Multiple LAN ports for connectivity to other devices in your home
  • A Wireless Access Point to connect your wireless devices around the home
  • Telephone ports for you to connect your phone handset or base station

Depending on the model, the gateway comes with a range of other features and services that you can use.

Audiocodes MP264

Important Information

  • Other devices (such as the Cisco WRP400 and Cisco SRP527) are capable of being connected to the WXC network, however the AudioCodes box is the latest edition and is designed for your home
  • Wireless access strength and availability depends on your set up at home
  • Different boxes may be required for different access types - like VDSL or Fibre, however the MP264 can be used across all access types WXC sells
  • Other features are provided for the end user, however these are not supported by the WXC Help Desk

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