WXC recommends using certified equipment for all of our products.  WXC goes through an extensive testing programme to ensure the box works well with our services and all of our features operate as they should.

WXC Certified Hardware

In order to use our VFX service by itself or as part of our Fusion Package, VoIP capable hardware is required.

If you are wishing to use VFX by itself you can use any of our certified VoIP capable hardware listed here.  Please note our Fusion service is currently restricted to the Residential Gateways (Audiocodes MP264) and is not available via an Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA).

We have tested a number of devices and chosen a select few to certify for use on our network.  Other VoIP capable devices and some VoIP software will work on our services, but please be aware we can only offer trouble shooting and setup advice for our certified devices.

Residential Gateways

All-in-one units that can be used with Copper or Fibre access products to your home.

Analogue Telephony Adaptors

Small add-on units that plug into your modem and allow you to plug in one or more analogue phones and old techn ology devices.