Service Overview

Service Description

  • All Fusion Packages come with an Emergency Services Compliant Primary Voice Line.
  • ADSL/VDSL speeds are maximum available at your location. WXC offers a maximum 30Mbps downstream/10Mbps upstream for UFB connections. 
  • No data charges.
  • Voice features include voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding, and free local calls.
  • Includes usage of a MP264, WXC's certified modem / router.
  • All Fusion features can be managed from your own online self-serve web portal.


  • Fusion Unlimited is not available in all areas.
  • For UFB connections WXC offers a maximum 30Mbps downstream/10Mbps upstream
  • Please check availability here:

Service Charge

  • $99.99 monthly charge (inclusive of GST).
  • As part of the Fusion Unlimited Package you will receive one free number port so you can retain your existing phone number. Additional number ports charged at $11.50 (inclusive of  GST).

Additional Data Charges

Set Up Charge

  • For standard installations, no install fee applies.
  • $199 charge for installs requiring technical assistance.
  • When switching from another provider a one-off fee of $30 applies.

Minimum Contract Period

  • 12 month term.

Early Termination Fee

  • $299 inclusive of GST.

Notice Period

  • One month minimum.

Other Requirements

  • Our Fusion Unlimited Plan requires you to have all your broadband, landline and toll calling with WXC.
  • Fusion Unlimited is available to residential customers only.
  • Please see our standard Terms and Conditions.

Traffic Management

  • WXC reserves the right to manage any and all traffic that crosses the WXC network.  Traffic management enables WXC to maximise the customer experience for all customers across this service offering.

  • As part of this Traffic Management Policy, WXC may apply lower priority settings, restrict to a smaller allocation of network bandwidth use (or other asset) or otherwise change the performance of one traffic type in comparison to another.

  • This will largely only affect Peer to Peer (P2P) users.  WXC fully supports P2P users across its network, however during time of congestion, we believe that by applying Traffic Management, other users of more time critical services – such as voice – will be provided with better quality services.  Non P2P also makes up the vast bulk of all traffic on the WXC network.

  • If you are a P2P user – we apologise if this impacts on your service – and would suggest that if possible you use off peak periods (10pm – 6am) when there is more capacity available and congestion is less likely.

Fair Use

Effects on other services

  • Your Broadband service requires mains power to operate. If power is not available (e.g. during a local power outage) the broadband, and any services which run over it, may stop working unless you have a battery backup.
  • Your WXC VoIP voice service will stop working if there is a problem with your broadband service. This would prevent you from making calls to emergency services from your WXC landline.
  • You will need to check with the provider of existing services such as fax, security alarms, medical alarms, EFTPOS, and pay TV connections to make sure they will work with this service.
  • Wireless performance will be based on the placement of the MP264

Other Charges

  • At contract termination if hardware is not returned a $250 hardware Return Fee applies.
  • A charge for non standard installation may apply.
  • For additional numbers requiring porting, a one off fee of $11.50 will apply.
  • A one off charge of $30 will apply when moving from another broadband provider.
  • Early termination fees of $299 (inc GST) will apply if the service is cancelled within the 12 month contract period.
  • Click here for VFX calling rates.

Broadband Performance

Broadband performance is measured by upstream and downstream speeds and can be limited by external factors such as line quality, distance from the exchange and hardware.





ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is the standard service offering, utilising the existing copper line to provide customers with an internet experience that is suitable for the average user.

VDSL (Very high bitrate Digital Subscriber Line) is the newer form of broadband internet that runs over your homes existing copper phone lines. VDSL allows users to access the internet at faster speeds than ADSL.

Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) involves deploying fibre to the premise (FTTP) to 75% of homes and businesses around the country via four Local Fibre Companies (LFCs).


ADSL is available across most of the country and while distance from local telephone exchange is a factor, coverage is widespread around NZ.
Please note there are still some local exchanges, generally in remote parts of the country that ADSL may not be available.  WXC can let you know availability when you call us.
VDSL broadband is available to approximately 60% of existing Broadband users around NZ. 
The defining factors are whether your local telephone cabinet has been upgraded to enable VDSL and the distance you are from the cabinet.
UFB is available across the country subject to the rollout plan in each area for each LFC. 
WXC will prequalify your address and advise if our fibre plans are available at the site.  If not available yet alternative technologies like VDSL can be installed until Fibre is available.


ADSL runs at speeds of up to 20 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload. 
Speeds vary depending on distance from the exchange and local cabling standards. 
In most cases these speeds will be sufficient for basic use but if you are dealing with large files and lots of data then we should talk about VDSL or Fibre.
VDSL is full line speed both ways, and is around 5x faster than ADSL for downloads, and approximately 10 x faster for uploads than ADSL.  VDSL can reach speeds of more than 50 Mbps downstream, and 10 Mbps upstream.  
Like ADSL, it is important to be aware that the upstream and downstream line speed may be limited by external factors including line quality, distance from the exchange and hardware quality.
Fibre plans have fixed speeds, unlike copper based plans the access does not vary depending on distance or local cabling quality as the fibre runs right into you premises. Fibre speeds can be as high as 1Gbps in both directions.  At this stage WXC have one UFB fibre plan which offers a maximum 30Mbps downstream / 10Mbps Upstream for Residential Fibre.

More info'

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If your property is on a shared driveway (ROW) or a multi tenanted unit (MDU), consent must be gained from all property owners to perform any work in the shared space.

To speed up the consent process click on ROW or MDU links.

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