WXC In The Community

At WXC we take our responsibility to the community very seriously. That'’s why we have established a close relationship with a number of NZs foremost charitable organisations who provide critical services to the wider community.

WXC recognises the great work that New Zealand's charities provide in supporting the health and wellbeing of our community. WXC has made a long term commitment to support those organisations through a range of activities designed to reduce cost and improve the charities ability to deploy their hard earned incomes to their primary mission.


  • WXC has been a prime sponsor since 2006
  • Crews respond to over 800 rescue call outs annually
  • Our sponsorship enables their fundraising efforts in addition to actual flight time
  • We're proud to have our logo's on both the helicopters based in Auckland and Coromandel

Charities that help others

  • Our philosophy is supporting those who support others
  • We work with charities that only receive the minimum of governmental funding


  • Provide wireless services onboard rescue vessels
  • Allows land based rescue controllers access to far higher level of on-scene information
  • Custom smartphone Search & Rescue applications

Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust (ARHT)

WorldxChange Communications is a strong supporter of the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust having delivered their telephony and communication needs since 2006. Our network ensures that they are able to remain in contact, whether it’ is to despatch a helicopter to save lives, or to provide them with the financial assistance to keep their machines in the air. WorldxChange also hosts a number of fund raising activities each year to demonstrate our support and extend our reach into the wider community.

"“For the last seven years WXC have been meeting the trusts telecommunication needs.
They provide us with an incredibly reliable, professional and inexpensive service which not only allows us to make contact with our many supporters within the greater Auckland region, via our tele fundraising operation, but they also provide our flight crews with the ability to communicate with other medical personnel & emergency services."
John Hooper, GM - Marketing & Fundraising

Auckland Coastguard

WXC provides Auckland Coastguard with access to wireless IP services on rescue vessels that enables land based rescue controllers significantly improved realtime data and video communication. This service ensures enhanced understanding, and improved decision making support for crews engaged in the critical life and death situations on Auckland's busy waters.

“"Through the support of WXC we have been able to bring both our heavy rescue vessels online. WXC worked to provide us a solution which means we can now provide a wireless hotspot aboard the boats for linking ourselves to valuable Search and Rescue resources. We now have the platform to bring specialised tools into play, as well as the ability to stream live video of an incident back to land to assist our command structure in Search and Rescue Co-ordination."”
Brooke Archbold, Crew Chief, Auckland Coastguard